The events industry has been on a gradual increase over the past few years, bringing much needed income to Britain’s economy. The events industry currently contributes a staggering £39.1 billion to the UK’s economy according to recent reports with the majority arising from conference and meetings. I cannot see the future however I can make some predictions of the trends I believe will develop into 2016.

Collaboration and Innovation

2015 has seen a lot of collaboration between event managers, venues, suppliers and the list goes on. The New Year will see a lot more great collaboration within the industry, there are many networking opportunities across the UK for events professional and these events bring together bright minds in events. FatUnicron is a great example of collaboration were an event organiser and software developer merged forming a new agency.

Pop Up or Seasonal Burst

I have noticed and attended a few pop up events namely the Alpine Ball at Tatton Park  JD Parties and other seasonal themed events. I believe that across the UK that this trend is taking off dramatically from the unusual ice bar to the city centre Christmas lodges. These pop ups and seasonal burst events can add life and value to its location, even if only for a short while. 

Unusual Venues

Unusual venues play a major role with the pop up trend as most of these events, exhibitions, restaurants or performances are currently taking place in unusual venues such as empty shops, empty buildings and spaces Canvas Events. Most events currently take place in hotels however I believe that event organisers are becoming more adventurous.

Events Experience

Organisers are already noticing the impact of engaging their attendees through the use of active participation. Events have now become immersive experiences; organisers are increasingly experimenting different ways of unconventional attendee interaction with technology at the forefront and I believe this will carry on into 2016.


With the growing threat of terrorist attacks on our cities, event organisers will have to consider this threat especially when managing larger scale events. The safety of attendees is always a top priority so I believe event safety will become even more of a priority in 2016.


Even in a stable economy event organisers are still very careful of spending and budgeting as there is more ownership and accountably overall


Mobile apps and Wi-Fi is are no brainer in events and invaluable. My prediction is that technology will continue to dominate and enhance the events industry.


2016 and Me

Being new on the event blogging scene is quite a challenge in itself for me. I am currently doing a lot of networking and still in the process of deciding on a few avenues in which I want to see the blog head towards.

My Goals

  1. Attend more event related exhibitions, seminars and
  2. To continue sharing my event experiences to students and graduates through employability events.
  3. To build up my event blog platform.
  4. To keep my posts coming! Blogging takes a lot of commitment so I intend to welcome 2017 explaining what I have achieved this year.




Written by Phoebe Benta