In-house Events Coordinators, PA’s & EA’s Relinquish Your Event Planning Worries in 2017

I recently attended a networking event and connected with an office manager who works for an SME based in Manchester. During our conversation, I was informed of the stress she was under because her role now entails planning the company’s events. Ranging from booking venues and other event suppliers and handling RSVP’s,  consequently the list goes on. This may sound very trivial for a lot of you, but without an events agency on hand and no experience dealing with venues, contracts, dietary requirements and communication with numerous suppliers this is a very daunting task! Not to mention the regulations that need to be adhered to.

Keep Calm and Carry On! Not everyone can be an event planner

Did you know that the position of event coordinator made the list for the top 5 most stressful jobs in 2016! I believe that event planning should be an exciting affair and it seems like for most professional event planners this is the case. It’s where we stand out from your in-house receptionist, department head or marketing professional. I have managed events where we encountered last-minute emergencies and issues, it happens all the time! Thankfully event agencies such as Eureka Events are on hand to mitigate these issues and proactively think of solutions and ways to enhance your attendee experience.

Ever Consider getting the events professionals in —  The Real Ones?

After speaking to a few in-house events coordinators and PA’s the idea of getting help from an event agency is not something they have considered before. The reason being they don’t know what’s involved or how it would benefit their organisation. A big misconception is that event agencies are costly. Therefore most in-house coordinators feel obligated to plan it all themselves because it is their job. It is quite the opposite; event agencies can be your best friend and most valued asset for planning your company events.

Don’t be swayed with worry and doubt that hiring an event agency is not cost effective or necessary. A professional event agency can benefit your planned event in many ways. Not least of which is delivering the event you have in mind. Eureka Events offer in-house event coordination and free venue and supplier sourcing. Just think of the time you can save!

Organising a conference, seminar or Christmas party is a complex and detailed process that requires a huge amount of administration, time management and attention to detail.

So, go easy on your receptionist and department heads and consider the reasons below for getting an events agency on board;

Events agencies have a lot of connections! It’s all about your network.


Event agencies have contacts upon contacts and seemingly endless lists of venues, vendors and suppliers who they have worked with in the past and spent years building great working relationships with. From these relationships events agencies will negotiate the best deal on your behalf, saving your company valuable money. Which is one thing everyone appreciates. Eureka Events recommends only the most reputable venues and suppliers to meet your event requirements.

Time, Knowledge and Experience

This is one of the reasons why you should seriously consider events agencies. These connections will guarantee that your event will be of a higher quality. Our connections mean that we are able to recommend services that you may not know much about. Services that would enhance your events. We know what goes together and what (and who) doesn’t and as a result can save you immeasurable time and energy by putting our expertise to work on your behalf.

Even the most devoted employee in the world doesn’t relish taking on the added responsibility of managing a major event in addition to their usual duties. You want your employees to be productive. You want your employees to like their jobs when you’re short on time. An event agency can take supplier meetings for you and whip those contracts into shape so you’re not spending all your time in sales presentations. And on a lighter note great event agencies always know where the good stuff is and how to get it.

Included in the price!?

Honestly, have you ever booked a conference venue and receive the final invoice with costs you thought were included in your package (DDR)? Most businesses operate differently. Some venues will include tea and coffee in their DDR and some venues will charge additional £2.50 – £5.00 per person. Some venues DDR will include the room hire whereas others will charge £500 – £1500. Details like these can often be missed by the receptionist, PA’s or office manager. Event agencies will know the important questions to ask, avoiding any unexpected costs when it comes to paying the final invoice.

You don’t have to do it alone, having an onsite fixer is a lot better than having non

The work doesn’t stop until the event is wrapped up and everyone’s gone home! While the event is taking place, it is important to have someone onsite to handle anything that could possibly arise. You need to be the face and life of the event whilst your agency works quietly behind the scenes, keeping everything running smoothly.

Which is easier? Working with dozens of unrelated event suppliers and vendors or with one events agency to manage it all?  The answer’s as easy as fish and chips.

Its 2017, time to plan your next big event and make sure it’s pulled it together to perfection, Drop us a line and let’s work together!









Written by Phoebe Benta