“It’s not about WHAT you know but WHO you know and WHO you get to know.” You’ve probably heard this before, because it relates to all industries and is why you should get signed up to LinkedIn now and start networking. In the events industry it’s all about building connections. It is no longer enough to simply have a solid resume… students and workers alike now need a professional online presence. LinkedIn will enable you to clearly define all your skill and experiences helping you to build your own personal professional brand. LinkedIn also provides a range of advice from preparing for interviews to the latest trends. I have spent time creating a great LinkedIn profile to stand out from the crowd and if you follow the below you can too;
I know many universities tutors now are encouraging you to get on LinkedIn, some universities are actually making it mandatory for students in second year. My advice is to take this very seriously, use a professional picture “no pictures from last night’s house party or downing a glass of wine or gin!” This is your opportunity to be creative and get all your skills and personality out to prospective employers and industry professionals.

You’re Being Watched

Very Important! Prospective employers and recruitment agencies WILL check you out online. This means two things:

  • Don’t Lie
  • Have Other Professionals Backing Up Your Claims

When your completing your LinkedIn profile, make sure your adding all your work history accurately, DONT LIE! You will get caught out, be as clear and to the point as possible. In the Accomplishments section don’t play down your accomplishments big or small. Employers engage with people who have been involved with extra-curricular activities, they know if you’re coming out of Uni you’re not going to have years of anything but they also want to see you’re not a one dimensional person. If you’ve done a customer service training at work or a first aid training course these are the things I recommend getting on your profile. Remember this platform is all about networking, so join in on the group discussion for your field and there are quite a few for events professional!

An estimated 85% of jobs today are found through networking
So what are you guys waiting on? Get networking now, it doesn’t have to be at some corporate affair like you dream of, just start with your course mates!

Recommendations, Not Condemnations

Where LinkedIn really shines and your CV / Covering Letter falls. Recommendations show external viewers that other people believe you have the skill you say you have, a way to confirm all your clams on LinkedIn. You can get recommendations from every role you upload and it’s always nice to have someone commend you for a job well done. In the skills and endorsements section all your contacts can endorse your skills, for example I said one of my skills is events management and 46 of my contacts agreed and endorsed me for this skill. so when adding skills make sure they are ones that you have developed and one that your contacts can vouch for.

Student Life

I believe the education section on LinkedIn is a great section for student, as in this section you can elaborate on what your modules entail and what grades you’ve received. You can choose your top 3 modules are go through in detail what it entails and how this module will help you in the work place.
If you feel you’ve got this networking game in the bag get some business cards too with your contact details and LinkedIn information. Places like vista print will make 100 for under £10! It’s definitely worth it. When at an event no one is going to stop to write down you’re LinkedIn URL, handing them a business card gives them something to go back to later.
Drop me an email if you need any help with how you can stand out on LinkedIn.



Written by Phoebe Benta