After having been a part of the most recent QHotel Eventprof Panel in Leeds and having met one of the UK’s leading futurist experts, Dr Ian Pearson, I was left feeling rather frazzled. Who knows what the events industry will look like in the next 10 years’ or more so the next 200 years! Yes that’s 2216!

Being the 25-year-old director of a new events agency is a challenge and a thrill.  I am competing with agencies whose directors have had eons of experience been through the days of sending out paper invites, hours of sifting through registration forms, manually filling out forms and hand-writing letters!

However, if you’re an event planner in 2016 without a smartphone or not currently connected to several social media sites, you are operating a unique business…because for most event planners, social media has taken over! Now, your business is as relevant as you make it. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages all act to validate your establishment.

In with the new!

Out in new1

Event attendees and invitees will not wait a few days for information via post. Today’s attendees require real-time event updates, they want to be a part of the event experience and engage via their personal social media outlets at their convenience.

Event planning has now become a journey for both planner and client.  The expectations and demands from today’s clients are challenging and even the most experienced planners should think outside the box. In a sector where the competition is rife and technology rampant, we will see a shift in our clients’ demands, more ways of connecting, more options, and more endearing designs.

Will events be the place where companies bring their staff together to build social skills?


At present, children in primary schools are being taught on Ipads and are very much into Apps for different learning activities. But is this hindering the younger generation from being socially engaged with other students and their surrounding? It is highly probable that 50 years from now, events may be the place where people come together to learn these social skills that are not being taught today!

Hello, Is anyone out there?


Even with the technology wave sweeping the industry, event planners and businesses are still experiencing the positive impact of ‘word of mouth’ recommendations. The old saying, “It’s not what you know, but who you know” is still true because this type of recommendation helps increase brand loyalty and is not viewed as advertising for most. Social media ideally becomes a tool used for stimulating the conversations around your brand and business.

Virtual and actual reality  


How will virtual reality impact the current event industry? At present, it’s in its infancy and has moved out of the realm of just entertainment. With virtual venues and exciting immersive demos to engage our attendees, this is all very new and exciting. But how are event planners measuring and evaluating the use of these new technologies and their impacts on the events industry? I guess only time will tell and, for now, it’s our reality.









Written by Phoebe Benta